Friday, 15 June 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

If I thought writing a novel was challenging, it's nothing compared to promoting one!  I'm sure all my friends and family are fed up with me spamming Facebook and Twitter with links to where they can buy my book from (and many thanks to all of you who did!) but it's very difficult trying to reach the wider audience.  People have to know about a book before they can buy it and with thousands to choose from it's difficult to get your book noticed. 

Why should you buy an ebook from an unknown author?  It's a risk, the book could be awful, unreadable, the self righteous rantings of a lunatic who has nothing better than to put every thought onto paper, or worse!!!  But in reality it's not a very big risk, I mean, you spend a couple of quid on a cup of coffee without thinking about it, so why not give an indie author a go?  You never know it might just discover the next big thing.  I've been pleasantly surprised at the high quality of work produced by indie authors and with books for under £1 buy an ebook is cheaper than your bus fare to the library!  It's certainly worth a go.

I don't have a budget for advertising so I've had to be clever with my tactics when it comes to book promotion.  I've used Pinterest to good effect and I've just made my own ecard which I hope you enjoy and will share with your friends. - 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is so overrated! The book everyone is raving about now is 'Heaven Knows This Time'

Reviews are always helpful in selling books so if have a blog and you'd like to review my novel please email me at with a link to your blog and I'll send you a free electronic copy of Heaven Knows This Time.

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